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Locked up in a foreign country


August 1, 2016: Two More SA women sentenced in Hong Kong for drug trafficking
Father John Wotherspoon, a prison chaplain in Hong Kong, provides support to convicted South African female drug mules in Hong

May 4, 2016: SA female drug mule arrests on the increase in Hong Kong
Since the start of 2016, about a dozen South African women and several South African men have been arrested at

Aug 17: Powerful South African media documentary about South Africans locked up abroad - and SA government's heartless refusal to make Prison Transfer Agreements with other nations.  Has lessons for all nations, especially re people tricked into being drug mules

Aug 1, 2015: Open letter to South African parliament
- from Belgian doctor in Thailand, distressed at deteriorating condition of inmates in Thai prisons

April 8, 2015: South African woman arrested at HK airport for drug trafficking

2015-03-19  Three Africans acquitted of HK drug trafficking charge 
(c.f. Feb 13 report, below, re SA cop..)

Feb 13, 2015: South African cop held in HK for drug smuggling  (but report inaccurate: arrested at HK-China border, not at airport)