January 11, 2017: Transcript of conversation with Primrose

* Casim is Nigerian husband of Aunt (= Primrose)

* Thandi is niece of Primrose, in prison in HK, whom Primrose recruited to go to Hong Kong

* As a reason for visiting Primrose, the women are pretending that Thandi needs money in HK

0033 Thembisa house

(Aunt, Woman 1, Woman 2)

In: 00: 02:03

Woman 1: I received a message this morning from these people.


Aunt: I know that the message came, unfortunately, I have financial constraints.


Woman 1: But you always have money with you.


Aunt :( continues saying) It is not always the case that I have been requesting money

from Casim.


Woman 1: (interjects by asking) Where can we locate Casim?


Aunt: At a nearby corner shop.


Woman 1: (continues by saying) this Nigerian guy has agreed to pay the amount of R5000 that Thandiís lawyers in China have requested. So, we presumed that he gave you the address where he stays when he is around the neighborhood.

Woman 2: (asks) what guy are you talking about?

Woman 1 :( responds) I mean that Nigerian guy who rents an apartment in Hong Kong in town.

Aunt: (adds that) Typically when you are dealing with this Nigerian guy the sole aim is to make money, in such a way that every time you are engaged with him you must have R2000 handy because he can hook you up and he pretends to be a tourist. Out: 00: 2: 59


In 00: 00:00

Aunt: (mentions) Thandi had suggested that each time we had to send anything to her, either clothing, umuthi or cosmetics, the sender of the goods must ensure that they are sent together with the price tags attached. In that way, the recipient will automatically ascertain what is inside her luggage.

Woman1: (adds) Thandiís state of health is at stake, since she is said to have been contaminated with malaria. Thandi is also complaining about the food which is not good for her system, and about her lawyer who is requesting to be paid R5000.

Woman 2: (asks Woman 1) whatís it with the R5000?

Woman1: (replies) the R5000 is being requested by Thandiís lawyer back in China.

And we would be very pleased, if we can be able to locate these people (presumably the drug lords) and plead with them to pay half of the money that is needed in China. The remaining half would be paid by us.

Woman 2: Now, how do these people help you Sis Nozuko? Donít you know? Your people?

Aunt: No people are assisting me. They forked out R50 000.

Woman 2: (asking in unison) where did you get it?

Aunt: I was paid by the person who had sent me.

Woman 1: Who is this person?

Woman 2: Is it no longer Casim?

Woman 1: Who had sent you? Is it the person who had sent Thandi or another person?

Aunt: Iím referring to another person, at Princeís corner tavern. This one (referring to Woman 2) knows.

Woman 2: I also know him.

Aunt: You know I was left by Prince, I was left by Prince. Casim does not respond on the call even Khathideís is not entertained at all now.

Woman 2: Oh, but Casim is clever.

Aunt: I donít care. People will pull the wool. Whatever you do to me that is painful does have its consequences. Even if you do something that is bad to me you will also be accountable, when your turn comes.

Woman 2: I thought you knew these people.

Woman 1: Do you know at what date was Thandi remanded to court?

Aunt: She didnít write the court date. Instead she mentioned other things.

Woman 2: She didnít inform us too.

Aunt: Nomathemba told me that Thandi was sentenced to eleven years.

Woman: Where did you meet Nomathemba?

Aunt: She said you told her at the wedding ceremony.

Woman 2: She is not sentenced yet. Out: 00:02: 49




In 00: 00:00

Aunt: (confirms) someone had said previously he can afford to supply Thandi without the money. When is he going to pay?

Woman 1: (adds) I have run out of patience about Thandiís case, because you cannot work for someone for the whole year without being paid. So, we must accept and might as well wait for the day of Thandiís sentence.

Woman 1: (mentions) Thandi is sick and she needs about R4000 to buy her malaria medication.

Aunt: Who is sick?

Woman1: (responds) itís Thandi. This is the reason why we came here, to ask you if

Casim is in the position to provide money for Thandiís Treatment which costs R4000, because they do not have treatment in China.

Woman 1(continues by saying) Thandi assured her that she is not mistreated.

Aunt: I wasnít with you when Themba told us?

Woman 1: No.

Aunt: He was talking about a girl who was arrested and became sick in prison. She didnít tell her family that she was arrested for drug trafficking. She ended up dying in prison.

Aunt: I was with you Thembi.

Woman: I canít: remember that auntie properly.

Woman 2: That girl died?

Aunt: Yes.

Woman 1: She died there?

Aunt: Yes, she died in prison.

Woman 1: Aunt, is Cassim really not hiding this person?

Aunt: Who is hiding who?

Woman 1: Casim.

Aunt: Casim is not hiding him; I have already seen that. He doesnít know anything. You know that people who are dealing in drugs will hardly show you where they actually reside. The just make appointments at McDonaldís or at any other neutral venue to avoid being located easily as to the residence. Casim knows where he stays. He was staying in Boksburg, but itís seems as if he is not living there anymore. Casim is getting the money through me, but has never paid me during my last trip for drug trafficking.

Woman 1: He didnít pay you again? Oh you mean the previous money.

Aunt: So, if Casim calls him, he ( presumably Khathide) does not respond to the call.

Woman 2: you were not supposed to be paid since he didnít receive the money back. So what did you earn all along?

Aunt: I had nothing to do with Thandi being arrested. Casim was supposed to pay Thandi her money. And pay my money too, because i finished my job. I did go abroad and i came back. Do you understand that?

Woman 1: yes i do

Aunt: (adds) initially, to me Casim was a kind of person that will pay Thandi after she came back home. As for me he told me that he still sorting my money. Maybe itís not because he knew that, things will turn out this way.

Woman 2: Maybe he knew.

Aunt: People that are dealing with drugs are the most corrupt people. Out 00: 02: 50



In 00:02:02

Aunt: (admits) I am prepared to even board a plane to Brazil, to get the R20 000.That way, I will be able to get Thandi out of jail. Iím even willing to take the risk, no matter I get caught. However, my passport was taken while I was in prison. So, I had to request Casim to distribute the drugs locally instead. Out: 00: 02: 49



In 00: 16

Woman 2: Truly speaking, the people who are ruining everything are these people that were supposed to send her money because; they have witnessed their smugglers being arrested. And itís them who called and notified everybody of the incident. They were supposed to take this matter seriously and do what is necessary, since they have witnessed everything.

Aunt: True. These people were supposed to do something when Thandi was being arrested.

Woman 2: It does seem as if they donít have all the information that she is here.

Aunt: Ntombi is here, with a guy who stays in Hong Kong in town.

Woman 2: Where is she here?

Aunt: Ntombi is the person who is supposed to fetch Thandi at the Airport.

Woman 1: Itís vividly clear that this person wonít able to help Thandi. Do you have her (presumably Ntombi) contacts?

Woman 2: Where is her boyfriend?

Aunt: Her boyfriend was arrested. Thatís why she came back; her boyfriend was arrested for smuggling.

Woman 1: Is her boyfriend a foreigner?

Aunt: Yes. He is a foreigner and lives in Hong Kong. Thandiís boyfriend that she was visiting was arrested too.

Woman2: Oh, he wonít be able to help Thandi because he doesnít have money.

Aunt: (confirms) that Ntombiís boyfriend, whom she met in China and was supposed to marry in December, was arrested for smuggling that is why she is back. The Nigerians decided it will better to bring her back home, so that she will not suffer. The arrest is draining.

Woman2: They say, even you can hide the children, but they are also getting arrested.

Woman 1: It is a problem on its own, that you do not have a passport anymore. Is there a person who can help you to get another one?

Aunt: I hope to get the money so that i make another new passport. How much does it cost to make a new passport? I wonít be able to get it?

Woman 1: Didnít they frame you?

Woman 2: You wonít be able to get anywhere. Never.

Aunt: A new one?

Woman2: Even with the new one, you wonít be able to go anywhere.

Woman 1: Really, that one, why are you afraid of that passport?

Aunt: Igue.

Woman 1: Where are your the documents?

Aunt: (responds in unison) No matter what can be done on your passport, Ugu is always appearing on the system.

Woman 1: Arenít Simon and Uguís ID appearing as the same?

Aunt: (responds in unison) No. If you get married to a foreigner your surname changes to his surname.

Woman2: The ID do not change, only the surname that is changing.

Woman 1: Amen

Woman2: Ah, Thembi since when a person has two IDís.

Woman 1: I never notice and I never knew these things.

Aunt: I donít want to ask for money to Casim anymore. Because he will assume that he is giving life.

Woman1: Thatís true; he said he gave you money.

Aunt: Casim never gave me money. We can even go to him and ask him. So he can tell me, what money is talking about.

Woman1: Casim assured me that he gave you R4000. Is it true?

Aunt: He doesnít want anyone calling him. It will be better if we pay him a visit and tell our problem.

Woman2: He is done selling my daughter and now she is no longer his concern. (The twist at the end of the conversation reveals that character; Woman 2, is actually the mother of Thandi) Out 00: 02:59





















In 00: 00:06


Aunt: (mentions) I had asked for a divorce with my (Nigerian) husband, but the husband pleaded to her not to divorce him. Instead, he promised to make the necessary arrangements with the magistrate to pay her a monthly maintenance settlement. Out: 00: 29




In 00: 00:10


Aunt: (confirms) I was assisted by Sindiswa to open a fraudulent business account in Johannesburg. At first, these people opened for a bank account for free for R100. And now they opened a business account in Rosebank. The money that was deposited into my account was on the 16th of December its R100 000. But the machine swallowed the card.


Woman 1: They are investigating you?


Aunt: Yes they are investigating me. Apparently, she was talking to the person who works for the bank. This person from the bank opened a new account for her. The consultant gave me the phone number of a man I was not familiar with., that he claimed was my husband.


Woman 1: Are they not framing you?


Aunt: No, itís not him. Itís this person who works at FNB inside.


Woman 1: Why are you meeting this person?


Aunt: We are meeting because sot that he can take me to any nearest branch and open bank account anew or they spoke Ö. Now, I donít know why they are not calling me that the manager will call, so that I meet with this person.


Woman 2: You said this person is a manager:


Aunt: This person says he works at the FNB inside.


Woman1: So, from where does he get your number?


Aunt: He got it from the bank.


Woman 1: Now, he wants you to withdraw it?



Aunt: So he wants me to open the account anew because he knows itís frozen. This is in between getting rich or arrest.


Woman 1: And, itís tempting (laughing).


Woman 2: Meet with him? And, stand afar. And maybe youíll have luck to assess if he is susceptible.


Aunt: How I am going to detect that because we will enter into the bank simultaneously.


Woman 1: How are you going to enter into the bank with him?


Aunt: I want us to meet at Bra pan, nearer.


Woman 2: Nearer.


Aunt: Yes, nearer. When will I reach Joíburg?


Woman 2: And if you call, confirm the type of clothing for identity purpose.


Aunt: What are you wearing because Iím the one coming to you?


Woman 1: And donít, tell him what you are wearing. Out 00:02:59




In 00: 00: 12


Woman1: This is a large sum and itís very tempting. When did you open the account?


Aunt: I opened it long time ago. Zanele opened the account with these people and received the amount of R36000.


Woman 1: Zanele?


Aunt: Yes Zanele she withdraw the large sum of money. She spent this money by renovating the interior of her house.


Woman 1: Which Zanele.


Aunt: Fikileís sister.


Woman 1: How much does she received?


Aunt: R36000.


Woman 1: Are they not investigating?


Aunt: They split the money among themselves. They took Zanele to the airport and make her passport. These people make deals with a person who works at the airport. When the amount is huge, the money goes to the bank at the airport. They share the amount together with people who work for the bank at the airport. This person transfers the money to other countries. The money comes back to South Africa in dollars.


Woman 1: Do not work with these people, because you are still going to make money. This is unbelievable. They want to see your expectations.


Aunt: I didnít give them my particulars. I used Zaneleís name and number when i opened this business account. Portia is still waiting for the money. Nosipho has already received the money. Out 00: 01: 28